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The Research component for the Foundation will be to collaborate with others to assist with finding ways to have better outcomes for certain Research initiatives. Others that the Foundation will works closely with are; Universities, Hospitals, Laboratories and Centers.

Planned Research initiatives that the Foundation will sponsor are:
    - Brain Stem -- Radiation Tissue Necrosis
    - Radiation Tissue Necrosis
    - Pediatric Brain Tumor's

*The Foundation has compassion to begin Research towards Brain Stem Radiation Tissue Necrosis, since this was ultimately what took Bella Bowman's life.

Bella Bowman Foundation Donates $75K to LSU Medical Physics Program

Gift Supports Research to Examine the Effects of Proton Radiation Therapy
on Pediatric Cancer Patients

The Bella Bowman Foundation is pleased to announce a $75,000 grant to the LSU Medical Physics program, in partnership with the Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, to establish the Bella Bowman Foundation Radiation Necrosis Research Fund to examine the risks of radiation injuries to the brain as a result of proton radiation therapy.

When seven-year-old Bella Bowman was diagnosed with brain cancer in early 2011, it was a rare side effect—brain stem necrosis—from proton radiation treatment that ultimately took her life. In remembrance of their courageous little girl, Trey and Kim Bowman established the Bella Bowman Foundation to help families caring for children living with brain cancer and further research to better understand the physics of how radiation causes necrosis.

“The outreach and support to us when we were caring for Bella was overwhelming,” said Trey. “Our support system was so strong during that time and we knew it was our duty to give back.”

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