Where is Cancer Research Headed Next?

Research behind cancer treatments are not just about the development of a cure but about the person in need of the cure.

Mission Statement

To create and support research initiatives for pediatric brain cancer, fund educational opportunities and offer non-medical comfort care to sick children and the families who care for them; and to offer vital support to healthcare workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Donor Story:  Bella Bowman Foundation
Actions and Visions

•   Sponsored two research projects performed at LSU and Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center that aim to understand the causes of radiation tissue necrosis
•   Donated over 400 Comfort Care Bags to Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital
•   Hosted No Mo Chemo parties and room-to-room visits with Princesses
•   Donated 12 iPads to Oncology patients in our community
•   Return to school haircuts for KIDS with Cancer Services.
•   Collaborated with St. Jude with their annual Walk/Run to End Childhood cancer
•   Sponsored retreats and motivational seminars for staff at Our Lady of the Lake Hospital
•   Will support, advise and maintain multiple means of interaction in the oncology/hematology playrooms within the New Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital; in addition to financial support. We will also contribute to sponsoring a palliative care room within the newly planned Children's Hospital.


Bella's House

Kim and Trey have experienced first-hand end of life care with our child; Bella. We have a lot to be thankful for during Bella's last 10 days of life. Bella came first every day of during those 10 days. They we were able to do so much for her during this time (spiritually, emotionally, and physically) Whatever Bella wanted, they did it. Little did she know that she was teaching them. Bella made Courage, Faith, Belief and Strength tangible! This is why they want to build Bella's House.

They only want for other children and their caregivers, that have similar experiences and to be thankful too. Just the thought of "end of life" care for a child is horrific--no matter what the circumstance may be. The vision for Bella's House is to make tangible Courage, Faith, Belief and Strength for children and their family. Just as Bella did for Kim and Trey.

Bella Bowman Foundation Donates $75K to LSU Medical Physics Program

Gift Supports Research to Examine the Effects of Proton Radiation Therapy on Pediatric Cancer Patients

The Bella Bowman Foundation is pleased to announce a $75,000 grant to the LSU Medical Physics program, in partnership with the Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, to establish the Bella Bowman Foundation Radiation Necrosis Research Fund to examine the risks of radiation injuries to the brain as a result of proton radiation therapy.

When seven-year-old Bella Bowman was diagnosed with brain cancer in early 2011, it was a rare side effect--brain stem necrosis--from proton radiation treatment that ultimately took her life. In remembrance of their courageous little girl, Trey and Kim Bowman established the Bella Bowman Foundation to help families caring for children living with brain cancer and further research to better understand the physics of how radiation causes necrosis.

"The outreach and support to us when we were caring for Bella was overwhelming," said Trey. "Our support system was so strong during that time and we knew it was our duty to give back."

As Trey searched for partners to support the Foundation's research activities he ran across an announcement about a research grant awarded to LSU's Wayne Newhauser that focused on improving the outcomes of childhood cancer survivors. Newhauser, the Dr. Charles M. Smith Professor of Medical Physics, is also the director of the LSU Medical Physics Program and chief of physics for the Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center.

"I called him and he answered," said Trey. "I met with Wayne and found that he had done an unbelievable amount of research and he was just as passionate as we were about this."

The partnership between the Bella Bowman Foundation and the LSU Medical Physics program began in 2013 with a seed grant of $22,000. The $75,000 gift will support research to understand the factors that contribute to radiation injuries to the brain from proton radiotherapy and develop diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to reduce the severity of radiation necrosis, and ultimately eliminate occurrences of the rare side effect.

"Radiation necrosis is difficult to diagnose and can go undetected on CT scans. The cause of this often-deadly side effect is understudied and grossly underfunded. With the help of the Bella Bowman Foundation we can work to personalize radiotherapy treatments for children and improve the outcomes for children battling cancer," said Newhauser.

About The Bella Bowman Foundation
The Bella Bowman Foundation aims to create and support research initiatives for pediatric brain cancer, fund educational opportunities and offer non-medical comfort care to children diagnosed with cancer and the families who care for them. The Bella Bowman Foundation was founded in 2012 and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Bella Bowman Foundation has a unique ability to address emerging challenges that a family faces following a child's diagnosis of cancer. Please visit for more information or call (225) 291-9499.

About Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center
Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center is a regional cancer care organization that has been fighting cancer for more than 40 years. With five centers in Baton Rouge, Covington, Hammond, Houma and Gonzales, its service area encompasses 18 parishes across southeast Louisiana. For more information, please visit .

New Research Partnership Could Benefit Children with Brain Cancer

Bella Bowman Foundation and Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center team up New Research Partnership Could Benefit Children with Brain Cancer to study effects of proton therapy on pediatric patients

(Baton Rouge) -- When seven-year-old Bella Bowman from Baton Rouge was diagnosed early in 2011 with a brain tumor, it was a rare side effect from proton radiation treatment "brain stem necrosis" that ultimately took her life. This prompted Bella's parents, Trey and Kim Bowman, to establish the Bella Bowman Foundation to help other families dealing with the struggles of having a child diagnosed with brain cancer. Part of that help is to further research.......(more)

Gentle Hands Story

Through the ministry of local churches, parents who have lost children can honor their little ones and deepen their relationship with God, freeing them to help others.

The faith life of Bella Bowman, front right, inspired her family, sister, Baylor, front left; and back row, parents Kim and Trey Bowman. Photo provided by Lisa Bowman.....(more)

St. Jude Give Thanks Walk.

Bella was a patient of St. Jude in 2011 and her Care TEAM was the best!

We will always hold a special place in our hearts for St. Jude. We kindly ask you to consider supporting the ongoing efforts of St. Jude, so that they can continue to fight and beat cancer; for our kids!

By donating to TEAM Bella, your contribution will go directly to St. Jude. Every little bit helps towards the $1.5 million dollars a day, that it takes for St. Jude to operate.

Mistletoe Market
Comfort Care bags to OLOL Children's Hospital

We are so excited to report that the Bella Bowman Foundation delivered our first round of Comfort Care Bags to OLOL Children's Hospital. It is a bag full of items to help families feel more comfortable while they are dealing with difficult issues and decisions and also having to stay for an extended time in the hospital. We hope to be able to donate monthly to the hospital.

A BIG THANK YOU to Pam Rock, Pediatric Dental Specialist of Baton Rouge, Goudeau's Health Mart Pharmacy, and SOHO Boutique Salon for donating item for the bags.

Beads for Bella
WBRZ "To Make a Difference"
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96.1 The River Radiothon

Trey and Kim were live with Murphy, Sam and Jodi on March 2 at 7:00 am. The radiothon was a 3-day event that raised monies for Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital.

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